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NoCharge is a free service offered "as-is". As an added benefit, technical support for NoCharge is available to assist you for a $10 incident fee at 900-945-3200.

Frequently Asked Questions.

For audio information please call 206 457-FREE. [Long distance charges may apply. Check with your phone company].

If you still have questions and need technical support, you can speak with NoCharge technical support for $10 at 900-945-3200.

Q: I'm trying to send email but I get the following error "SMTP server isn't found", or Port 25 is blocked?
A: Due to spamming that erupted after allowing SMTP Mail Servers to be used while connected to Nocharge we have been forced once again to block the use of SMTP Mail Servers while connected to NoCharge.com.

Q: I'm having trouble connecting. What's wrong?
A:Please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the NoCharge.com dialer.

Q: Why am I always getting disconnected after 10-15 minutes?
A: NoCharge.com does not set an idle or disconnect after X amount of time on our service. This can however be configured in your dial up network properties. If you notice you are being disconnected after 10-15 minutes you may want to check the dial up networking properties. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. Right click on the NoCharge.com icon
2. Select "Setting"
3. Select "Options"
4. Select "Never" in the drop down menu located below the line that reads: "Idle time before disconnecting"

Q: I don't have Windows. How can I use the service?
A: To do this, you must establish a PPP connection with one of the Nocharge.com Access numbers located in our Connection Section,here you will also find step by step instructions to assist in establishing the connection.

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