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NoCharge is a free service offered "as-is". As an added benefit, technical support for NoCharge is available to assist you for a $10 incident fee at 900-945-3200.

NoCharge.com announces NCplus.net

November 1, 2001

Seattle, WA - NoCharge.com, Western Washington's premier free Internet service provider, unveiled its new service NCplus.net today. NCplus.net is a low-cost subscription based ISP created to accommodate those NoCharge.com users who want more services.

NoCharge.com will continue to be FREE with NO Pop-up Ads and NO Limitations on how long you can stay connected or how much you download. Unlike other free Internet providers like Netzero who only allows free access for 10 hours per month, NoCharge is committed to continuing to provide the very best and fastest free Internet service. NoCharge.com is UNIQUE in that it is the ONLY free dial-up Internet service provider to offer NO Pop-up Ads and NO Limitations.

NCplus.net was created to give NoCharge.com users the advanced features they've been clamoring for. NCplus.net users will receive free email, free web hosting, and free customer support for a low cost of only $9.95 per month. "Keeping the price affordable was one of our major goals in creating this service," said Chip Phillips, Technical Director of NoCharge.com who added, "we've also installed all new 56k modems and phone lines for this new service.

NoCharge.com has been providing free Internet access to Puget Sound area since 1999 and has local access numbers for most communities in Western Washington. For more information, please refer to our website at NoCharge.com.

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